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Open Access

Blitz Fibre installs the infrastructure while you conventiently choose which service provider you want to use. No more restricting contracts and frustrating contentions.

We put the control in your hands.

The choice is yours.

Multi-dwelling Complexes

We’ve got your  FTTH needs sorted. Being connected for longer while consuming more data, for less, in no longer wishful thinking. Our non- intrusive underground fibre infrastructure will give you just that.

Blitz Speed

Yes, Blitz fibre means high speed internet connectivity that will keep you going without hassle. Our connectivity packages are delivered to the ISP as a symmetrical service without restriction and minimum contention.

We offer from 10Mbps – 100Mbps FTTH.

We can offer up to 1Gbps on special request FTTB.

Please email if you would like to request 1Gbps for your business.


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What they say about us

As I age, things that I used to see as important tend to take the back seat. My favourite pastime is definitely skyping my grandchildren. When I got connected, that was my first question. Thanks to Blitz, it’s now possible.

Elizabeth Muller


When getting something like fibre, all the terms can be confusing. Personally I’m not to concerned about the ONU as I am about researching on the net. Thanks to Blitz I focus on what is important to me.

Anna Loots

Occupational Therapist

In a fast paced world you need a fast consistent connection. Working 12 hours and being on standby for the other 12 tends to bring new meaning to reliability. Blitz made this happen. Thank you!

Joel Glover

CEO Kwabuntu



010 312 5340 (Boksburg)
041 012 5010 (Port Elizabeth)


El Ridge Office Park
Block C, 1st Floor
Unit 10, 11, 12
C/o Elizabeth Road & Caravelle Road, Boksburg

Fibre up your life:

Blitz Fibre (Pty) Ltd is is an exciting team of industry experts motivated to bring you open access fibre connectivity right to your doorstep. Our focus is on building future proof fibre infrastructure networks in Multi Dwelling Complexes, Multi Business Retail Complexes, as well as small and large scale industrial business parks.

Blitz Fibre (Pty) Ltd is part of the Skycoverage and Nepic group of companies. We have grown to be a leader in building, supplying and supporting the world wide communications industry.